Many of the radios we sell require licensing from the regional authority wher they will be used.  We sell only in the USA, so the primary regulatory agency you will need to be concerned with is Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Their main website is located here.  As typical of government websites, there is an overwhelming amount of information here.

The radios that we currently sell are capable of operating within VHF, UHF, or both spectrums.  It is the responsibility of the radio operator (that is you, our customer) to ensure that

    • you are complying with the regulations put out by the FCC
    • you have any required license prior to transmitting
    • the radio equipment you are using meets FCC requirements.

The radios we sell all bear FCC certification marks, but that does not mean that every possible use of the radios is compliant with FCC regulations.

Below are links that you may find helpful as you determine what, if any, license you require.

    • Many of the radios are capable of transmitting on FRS and GMRS frequencies.  The FCC has pretty decent overviews of those services here
    • Some of our products are capable of operating in the VHF frequencies of the Maritime Mobile band for use aboard a boat.  In general, the FCC does not require a license for use of these radios in the US on recreational vessels.  Detailed information is available here Maritime Mobile Ship Stations.
    • Many of our radios can be operated in the Amateur Bands (HAM) as well.  require a Technician class license.  AARL is the best resource for information on these licences.