UHF / GMRS 1/2 Wave Antenna - NGP (Non Ground Plane) by Laird - With Spring Base

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No Ground Plane Whip Antenna UHF radios we sell.  Antenna is can be tuned and uses an NMO mount (3/4" hole).  Stainless steel whip with a base loaded coil.

  • No Ground Plane required so this can be mounted pretty much anywhere.  Performance is better if mounted with a ground plane,  Ideal for plastic panels, roll bar mounts, etc.
  • Relatively short 12.5" prior to tuning.
  • Tuning via mast trimming - trimming chart included.
  • Spring base
  • 450 - 470 MHz, 2.4 db gain

If your mounting location provides an adequate ground plane, you can save some money with our standard UHF whip antenna.