UPDATES IN PROGRESS: We are making a few changes and cleaning up a bit in Q1 2023. Bear with us as we tweak things a bit

70 Series Land Cruiser Meet & Greet

If you are confused about this being on Offroad Communications Store Site, don’t be.  One of your hosts runs this little store and is using it to support this event.



Com join us and a bunch of certifiable LC nuts for 2 days of trail riding, gawking at cruisers, and fellowship at Windrok Park in Oliver Springs, TN.

This event is in its xth year and it is the oldest and longest running event focused on a series of Toyota’s flagship that has never been officially sold in the USA.  

This year marks some changes in the event.  Because of our success, we can no longer keep this a free event as the three founders really cannot foot the bill themselves any longer.  So that said. The registration fee is $$ for the driver and $$ for each adult passenger (18+).  Children 10-18 are $$ and children 9 and under are free.


What does th cost cover? 

  • Registration
  • Three Dinners cooked by your hosts (Th, Fr, and Sat)
  • Guided trail rides
  • Commemorative decal / dash plaque

What else do I need to know?

  • This is a TLCA sanctioned event so the driver has to be an TLCA member at the time of the event.
  • We are riding on a private park (s).  Permits rate not included.  As the event gets closer, we will get more info to you as to what permit(s) are needed.  All are available online.
  • Your lodging, meals on the trail, etc.